Waste is a Growing Global Problem

Canada ranked in 15th place among the top 17 developed nations for waste generation.2

Canada produces over
31 Million tonnes
of municipal solid waste annually.2

An average of
1.8 kg (4 lbs)
of waste per day per person.3

$1.5 billion/yr
Costs to federal, provincial and municipal
governments for waste disposal.4


Many existing landfills in Canada are nearing capacity.

Only about
of our waste is recycled.5

67% of our waste ends up in one of
active landfills sites6

There are
10,000 landfills
across Canada including closed sites.7


Landfills are toxic environments that pose environmental and health risks.

Landfills over time, release toxins into the soil,
can enter the water table and
can contaminate surrounding areas.

Gases from decaying organic matter
in landfills account for
of Canada’s total methane emissions.8

Landfills are not just an urban issue. Many rural
municipalities lack the proper resources to
build modern, “sanitary landfills.”9


How is Waste Currently Managed?

Everyone is familiar with the 3Rs of recycling: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.


We can all do our part to REDUCE our consumption of disposable consumer products.

Our current rate of consumption far outpaces our ability to reduce. 160,000 plastic bags are thrown out every second globally.


We can call do our part to RE-USE products whenever possible.

The re-use of glass bottles on a commercial scale in Canada is only widely adopted in the beer industry. The reuse of milk bottles, common up until the 1970s, has disappeared.

But we still discard a lot of waste.

Some of it is RECYCLED, but much is not.



Paper, glass, metals such as aluminum, No. 1 and 2 plastics are commonly recycled.

No. 3-7 plastics are difficult to recycle and often end up in landfills.

In the end, far too much material ends up in landfills or incinerators.


What's our solution?

At ReGen Composites, we have developed an innovative new technology that allows us
to accept many types of difficult to recycle materials and turn them into new products.
In this way, we have expanded the traditional 3Rs to include three more:



We see waste as a valuable renewable resource that we RECLAIM.

All plastics are used, from #1 to #7.

We source wood and fibre from construction, demolition, agriculture and municipal collection.

We can take other aggregate landfill material.


Our processing facilty RENEWS this waste into a useful new feedstock.

Types and proportions of renewed material are formulated depending on the product being produced.

Material is shredded, grinded and/or granulated into an aggregate.

Aggregates are carefully measured, mixed and machine blended.


Our patented technology REGENERATES this aggregate into
a new composite material that is strong, durable and environmentally sustainable.


What can we make?

Our first product is a renewable construction block:

  1. 30% lighter than concrete
  2. High compressive strength and impact resisance
  3. Can accept nails, screws, and other hardware
  4. Superiour thermal (R-17) and acoustic insulation properties
  5. Mold, rot, termite resistant
  6. Fire resistant


What are the benefits of ReGen's Technology?

  1. Reduce amount of waste doing to landfills & reduce landfill methane emissions
  2. Reduce the number of trees that need to be cut down
  3. Create local jobs and economic activity
  4. Help address the issue of ocean plastics!
  5. Lead the global movement with groundbreaking technology

What are we working on now?

  1. Under Development

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Question: Does ReGen take household plastics?
    Answer: ReGen Composites does not currently receive waste plastics from residents.
  2. Question: Does ReGen take plastic bags?
    Answer: We are we are planning on collecting plastic bags in the near future. We do take these on a case by case basis. Please call 204 -777-3436 for more information regarding school or local business plastic bag collection.
  3. Question: Where can I get more information?
    Answer: We are in the process of designing a new website and we will update this kind of information available there.
  4. Question: What does ReGen do?
    Answer: ReGen is a manufacturing facility that is able to use all types plastics and wood waste destined for landfill and we know this is exciting to the many individuals and companies within Winnipeg who want to dispose of plastics in an environmentally responsible way. We make a fully recyclable composite material from diverted plastics and wood. Our products are custom made to our clients specifications. For more information about our products please call 204-777-3436.

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Please note: ReGen Composites does not currently receive waste plastics from residents.